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Standars Publication
1. The web page reserves the right to decide when an advertisement goes against the policies or spirit of the site and therefore remove a publication if necessary.
2. If the advertisement infringes on copyright, brand names or intellectual property it will be removed.
3. In the case of an advertisement being removed, the author can rewrite a new advertisement that complies with the policies and conditions of the site.
4. When the advertisement is made, your own images must be used, or those of the owner with their permission, the advertiser is personally responsible for the contents of the advertisement.
5. The publication of images is permitted on the advertisement as long as they correspond with the announced article, images that contain logos or watermarks that do not correspond with those of the portal are not permitted
6. The website is not responsible for the advertised article or the contents of the advertisement; it is the obligation of the advertiser to check that the content of their advertisement complies with the policies and conditions of the site.
7. The user gives authorization to reproduce, distribute, and communicate publicly the photographs that are inserted in their advertisement, to be published on the site and any other mediums the site may use for publicity purposes.
8. Duplicate advertisements are not permitted; it is not permitted to insert the same advertisement more than once at the same time, the only exception being if there are two or more of the same articles for sale. Mark the duplicated advertisement as SOLD or send a notice of the error through the CONTACTS button.
9. Links to other web pages that do not offer additional information about the product or service advertised are not permitted, except in cases specially authorized by the Pikeando Team.
It is important to take into account that the rules are updated frequently and are therefore subject to change.