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Doubts about how Pikeando works
Where are Pikeando shops?
Is the transport fee is the responsibility of the the seller or the buyer?
Is there a transport company associated with Pikeando?
What difference is there between the SHOWCASE and OUTLET?
What do the navigation buttons THE+SEEN, THE+NEW, THE+CHEAP, THE+REDUCED?
There is a advertisement that creates confusion, lies, or could be a case of fraud. What should I do?
The shop price that appears on the advertisement does not correspond with the current shop price.
How do I eliminate my account, my advertisements or stop receiving emails?
User interested in selling
I would like to know if Pikeando buys second hand furniture?
What do I have to do to sell on Pikeando?
How do i publish an advertisement for a piece of furniture that is no longer currently for sale in Ikea?
Can I sell an article that is not from Ikea?
I want to sell a variety of articles, but I want to sell them together. What do I have to do to publish them?
I want to sell some furniture that isn't assembled and I don't have any way of taking a photo of them. What can I do?
I am attempting to publish an advertisement and the system does not recognise the reference that appears on the Ikea website. What can I do?
I want to sell a piece of furniture with some extras but I cannot publish it in the SHOWCASE because on the Ikea webpage the extras don't appear and the shop price of the piece of furniture without extras is inferior to the price I am asking for. What can I do?
Can I publish various articles with the same reference in the same advertisement?
Do you have to sell the furniture assembled or unassembled?
User interested in buying
I am interested in buying an article that is for sale, what do I have to do?
I want to contact an advertiser, What can I do?
How do I know if I have sent an email to an advertiser correctly?
Is there any forms of contacting with an advertiser apart from using the box provided on the advertisement details screen?
Can I buy articles from another region of the country?
I am interested in an article but I live in another city. Is the transport service the sellers or the buyers responsibility?
The description and the main image on the advertisement does not correspond with the articles that appear on the real images.
I have contacted with an advertiser, they haven't contacted me and their product remains for sale. What could happen?
How can I modify information on my advertisement?
I have modified information on my advertisement. Do I receive an e mail with the confirmation that it has been correctly modified?
In the detail screen of my ad, I see that I received an offer and I have not received any email with the contact details of the interested person.
A user has made an offer on one of my advertisements and is no longer interested. How can I remove his offer?
I have published an advertisement. How do I find out about the offers received?
How can I remove an advertisement?
I have published an advertisement for a table and I want to sell the chairs, can I add them to the advertisement?
I have an advertisement in OUTLET and I want to change it to the SHOWCASE.
Why does my advertisement appear as sold if I haven't sold it?
Everything about the WANTED section
I'm looking for an IKEA article and at the moment there is nothing that interests me on the web page.
I'm interested in selling an article like the one published in WANTED. How can I contact the advertiser?
Can I modify an advertisement published in the WANTED section?
Can I publish a currently unlisted article in the WANTED section?
I'm looking for a specific component that is not sold on its own. Can I publish it in WANTED?
Can I remove or renew an advert that I have published in the WANTED section?
WANTED: I only want to receive an alert when someone publishes something identical to what I'm looking for. Is this possible?
Doubts and problems with registration
What steps do I have to follow to register myself?
I have registered myself but I haven't received the conformation e mail.
I am trying to register myself and the system indicates that 'The user already exists'
I have forgotten my password, How can I make another one?
Make or recive OFFERS
What happens when you make an offer?
I have made an offer the same as the sale price, does that mean that I have bought it?
I have made an offer on an advertisement but I am no longer interested. How can I remove it?
How do I know if I have correctly sent an e mail or an offer to the advertiser?
My favorites
Why do we use the 'Add to favorites' button?
Where can I see the advertisements that I have marked as Favorites?
Some of the advertisements that I have saved have disappeared. What has happened?
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